Willoughby Baseball League
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Instructional and T-Ball??

We encourage the kids to hit a coach pitched ball, if they can't after 5 pitches then the ball is placed on a tee for them to hit.

​Do kids pitch in the Mitey Mite and Pixie divisions??

​Yes. Coaches pitch the 1,2,5, and 6th innings. Kids pitch the 3 and 4th inning.

Can my son or daughter play up a division??

​Yes. But they have to attend the try out and sign a waiver on this day. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

​Can your kids request a team to play on or with their friends??

​YES, only for the Instructional Division. NO, for all other divisions. This is due to keeping a competitive balance. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

​Can we pay registrations with cash or a check??

​We prefer you to pay with debit cards or credit cards. If you need to pay with cash or a check. Please contact Dave Hahner at 440-346-7393 to make arrangements.

What is the I.A.P. League??

​The Individual Assistance Program League is designed to help children and young adults, ages 5-25, with mental and physical disabilities in a game of softball. Contact Mike Romeo(440-476-6904) if you have questions.